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Classy Folds
Your reliable partner for customized packaging products & printing in Dubai.

We launched Classy Folds intending to become the most professional, reliable, and affordable company that produces a variety of packaging boxes for small and medium-sized brands in Dubai. We work along with start-up brands, shops, individuals, etc to make their dreams happen. We support our clients very extensively in figuring out the papers and other materials to use for their brands and products. We have a library of different types of papers, boards, velvets, leathers, etc to choose from to suit our clients' design and theme. We believe in the quality of our work rather than the quantity. We also help our clients with the printing of different stationary items such as business cards, brochures, leaflets, catalogs, stickers, etc through our partner print houses.

Customised paper boxes suppliers in Dubai

Special papers & finishes

We manufacture different types of packaging boxes and paper bags that enhance your brand value. To achieve the best results, we use special fine papers from famous global brands like Antalis, Favini, Arjowiggins, Cordenons, Neenah etc, depending on our clients' budget and requirements. The best thing is, we can source economic range papers as well to meet our clients' requirements in case of any budget constraints. We can produce different types of effects and foilings to give the products a premium look, such as gold foil, silver foil, embossing, debossing, etc.

Antalis logo, supplier of premium fine papers
Conqueror logo
Favini logo, eco friendly luxury papers
Cordenons Paper
Gold and silver foiling to create luxury feeling
Blue foiling

Silver and Gold foil on paper surfaces

Different color foil on paper surfaces

Classy Folds creates embossing and debossing effects

Embossing and debossing effects

Sustainable paper products

The world is increasingly focused on sustainability, and we are no exception. We firmly believe in the importance of promoting sustainable products to our clients, thereby helping to preserve our natural resources for future generations. To support this movement, we encourage our clients to use our eco-friendly paper products made from recycled fibers, bamboo, and upcycled materials sourced from textile and agro-industrial waste. These papers are entirely recyclable and biodegradable.

   Paper features

  • Eco-friendly

  • Biodegradable

  • Recyclable

  • 75% Bamboo

  • 25% Cotton

Contact us to learn more about our eco-friendly papers.

Supplier of eco friendly products in Dubai

Minimum order starting from just 100 boxes

Fully customised as per client's requirements

Competitive pricing within the budget

High quality papers and other materials

On time delivery or pickup as per commitment

The best custom paper box manufacturer in Dubai

Let us connect to discuss more about us, our offerings, and more.

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